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Silverdale Swim School mascots Silvie & Dale, created by ANNETTE (Trevor's eldest daughter). Silverdale swim School lessons are progressive, productive, rewarding and FUN. By courtesy of The Underwater Studio
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Searching for swimming lessons in 1066 country?

Want your child taught in a friendly, positive, structured and rewarding way?

Look no further; your search is over.

You've just found Silverdale.

We are a 'fully inclusive' registered ASA swimming school; operating 6 days a week from 2 pools in the Bexhill-on-Sea, Hastings and St. Leonards on Sea areas of East Sussex.

Silverdale Swim Schools offer consistently high quality tuition to children from the age of rising 4 years up to mid teens. Currently we provide lessons for about 700 children per week. Our well managed lessons conform to the 'National Plan for Teaching Swimming' and are geared to all abilities; from nervous beginners up to extremely competent and advanced levels.

Silverdale is run by co principals Trevor and Sue Spinks who are extremely proud of their superb staff team and firmly believe that the ratio of staff to pupils is quite exceptional, and far beyond the norm. They positively insist that child safety, competent teaching, friendliness, fun, confidence building, and a sense of personal achievement and self satisfaction, features high in Silverdale's ethos.

If you have any questions about Silverdale Swim School, please contact Trevor and Sue.

Contact SSS on 01424-893400 to make a booking for a FREE trial lesson.
4th April 2015
9th March 2015

Having recently moved to the area and needing to find new swimming lessons for my youngest daughter, I thought I would give Silverdale Swim School a go having looked at their website and read other reviews, neither of which could have prepared me for what we found when we arrived for our free taster session: the staff were aware my daughter was trying out that day and Sue was there to meet us. From the little information I had given her over the telephone about my daughter's ability, Sue had placed her in a class that suited her current needs and will help her progress to the next level. With a swimming teacher per class on the poolside and three additional helpers in the water assisting the children, my daughter can only improve her swimming and quickly. Sue is permanently on the poolside overseeing all the classes and is very fast to pick up on any additional support she is able to give to individual children during the lessons. My daughter has had swimming lessons since she was a baby and never before has she come out of a class and said "that was great!" - she did on this occasion and cannot wait to go back. My eldest daughter was herself so impressed that on being asked if she wanted to join a class, she jumped at the chance and back we went a couple of days later to experience the same high level of organisation, experience and support for her taster lesson. A suitable class was chosen and tried out, which will enable her to develop her swimming techniques. Again, like my youngest daughter, she was very happy at the end and feels the lessons will be extremely beneficial. Having previously paid a similar amount for council run lessons with only a teacher on the poolside, I am very impressed with the value for money I am getting from Silverdale. This, together with the quality of service and teaching, will ensure my daughters are long-term customers. Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

Mrs Julie Davies
5 Stars

I have been extremely impressed with Silverdale Swim School for the following reasons:

1) My daughter was immediately assessed and placed in a group appropriate to her level. There is no waiting for the term end - the children are constantly reassessed and if they improve, are moved (subject to availability of places) to a more advanced group straight away. So they don't spend much time doing stuff they can already do easily.

2) There are a LOT of staff - out of the water and in - so problems with technique etc are ironed out very quickly 

3) Two previous schools we tried had a "play session" at the end of term, ie every 6th lesson or so - not very motivating for the children who come to lessons to progress. They can always play swim (more cheaply!) when you take them yourself. Anyway, none of that at Silverdale - so the value for money is actually a lot better.

4) The administration of billing etc is clear and well organised and you get the impression that their systems are tried and tested. Again, no faffing about.

5) Sue and Trevor make every effort to accommodate particular requests, like timings of lessons, to get the best possible fit with the needs and wants of demanding parents!

Margaret Blurton
5 Stars

I am very pleased with the quality of training that SSS provides to the children. My daughter used to go to a different swim school but I could not see any significant progresss she was making. With SSS, the swimmers are assessed regularly to determine if the child is ready to go to the next level. The staff are efficient and professional. Furthermore, their ratio to the number of swimmers is very sufficient.                                                                            Sue and Trevor were also very accommodating in providing alternative schedule for my daughter during those times when I could not bring her to her lessons due to work commitments. Overall, I am very happy that our daughter is with Silverdale Swim Schools. Thank you to the owners and the staff of SSS.

Mrs Liwayway Sendino
5 Stars

Both my children attend Silverdale Swim School and I am incredibly impressed by the level of instruction, care and responsibility shown by Trevor and Sue and by their well trained and competent instructors and student teachers, that has seen my children become excellent swimmers. I am employed as a Company safety officer and am impressed by the professional approach to the well-being and safety of students whilst under their care. The level is above and beyond their duties imposed upon them as organisers, and has been reflected by the introduction of an extra level of accountability for swimmers should an emergency situation occur. The coverage of instructors (and lifeguards) to swimmers, protocols and enforcement has provided an excellent, safe and fun environment for my children to learn how to swim. I have passed on the club's details with no hesitation to several of my friends who have children. Well done and keep up the good work.

Terry Evans

GCGI Safety, Health and Environmental Officer
5 Stars

My children have been using SSS since 2009-ish. We did change to an alternative swim school at one point, as the journey felt a little too far at the time. However we switched back as I quickly realised that they were not making the same kind of progress or having the same kind of individual attention.

Aside from the absolute efficiency of the service they provide, Silverdale is unique in the child/adult ratio, there are very often 3 or more instructors, 2 or more in the water, one directing the session - certainly at the lower levels, less crucial at the higher proficiency. They are polite, friendly, always on time, very well organised and constantly monitoring each child's progress. I feel both my children are progressing well into confident swimmers. What more could you ask for?

Mrs Caroline Jones
5 Stars

My Daughter cant wait for her swim lesson each week. Siverdale Swim School combines excellent teaching, in a fun group environment through a variety of games and activities aimed at increasing my daughters confidence, whilst also teaching her the correct techniques. With a number of highly trained instructors in the pool with her, I felt that this School combines fun group lessons, with almost one on one instructing and support when in the pool. The instructors are friendly and patient and most importantly of all, my daughter is safe at all times! I am extremely impressed with the skill, professionalism and service the school provide and would recommend Silverdale Swim School to parents with children of any swim ability, as their lessons cater for all skill sets.

Louise Wardle
5 Stars

I cannot recommend this swimming school highly enough. All of the teachers and assistants are utterly professional, extremely helpful, calm, encouraging and very friendly.

We are fortunate enough to have found Silverdale swim school before trying any of the others that run in this area. We have been with SSS for just over a year now and will be sticking with them for as long as our daughter wants to swim (and as she is obviously half mermaid, it looks like we'll be with them for a while !!)
Thank you Silverdale Swim School.

PS. I am always recommending you so you may have to put on extra classes to accommodate all of the new members I am sending along !!! X.

Mrs Lisa Chester-Linskey
5 Stars

 My 4 year old daughter has just graduated from Ducklings to Goslings thanks to the dedicated efforts of the SSS team! Her confidence and ability in the water is amazing. Somehow, the instructors manage to teach every child in the class individually to their own level of confidence and ability, so no child is ever forced to do something they're scared of and no child is ever bored or not making progress. All the teachers are brilliant at making lessons fun while making sure the kids are learning and progressing. The fantastic ratio of staff to pupils also means the kids are never standing around, shivering, waiting for their turn like at so many other swim schools. I've recommended SSS to all my friends and can't rate them highly enough.

Petra Willoughby
5 Stars

Silverdale Swim School provide an outstanding swimming lesson experience, which is well structured, safe and enjoyable for my two sons. The lessons are structured to make it fun but at the same time getting the correct technique for all swimming strokes, and giving the children confidence in the water.
Both of my boys have gained confidence swimming and look forward to attending lessons each week. 
I cannot praise the school enough as they are by far the best swim school in the area (Note - we transferred from two other schools which were not as good).

Claire Feeley
5 Stars

My son tried another swim school and the overall training and monitoring was not satisfactory. We were recommended to Silverdale Swim Schools and to be truthful we have never looked back. I was so impressed with the service, feedback and overall attention to detail that you receive as a parent but also that my son has received. I would like to personally recommend my son's instructor called Tess who is a very understanding, patient and talented young lady. There are many instructors to the number of students and this is a magnificent school to attend. Highly recommended if you are needing your child to be taught swimming. Fantastic.

Claire Stanbridge
5 Stars

I've been so impressed with Silverdale Swim school so far. My daughter was very nervous about putting her face in the water and had been with another swim school for over a year with no progress but after just 2 lessons (!!) with Silverdale she was like a completely different pupil. On her 3rd lesson she spent 50% of the time under water and was so keen and eager to please the teachers/helpers. Now she looks forward to her lesson every week and it's a pleasure to take her and see her enjoy herself so much! My son is starting next week and we can't wait to watch him thrive in the same way!  Thank you Silverdale.

Elizabeth Green
5 Stars

Silverdale is a friendly, inclusive swim school. It is exceptionally well-organised and well-priced, without hidden fees, and the lesson times on offer make it easy for families to find a slot that fits with a busy schedule. Most importantly, the swimmers are safe - with plenty of hands on deck -, they are encouraged, praised and clearly learn to love the water. Whilst the school is busy, they notice the efforts of each swimmer. Where a child needs a little extra help, they get it and when ready they move - no pressure. All in all, this makes for happy, confident swimmers.

Rebecca Anson
5 Stars

Silverdale Swim School is an exceptional swimming school. My son has been having lessons there since he was 4 and has slowly been progressing through the levels at his own pace. Children are continuously assessed and are taught to a very high standard and their individual needs are well met. There is a very high ratio of staff in the pool which is especially reassuring when children are starting out in the Ducklings beginner group. I have nothing but confidence in Silverdale Swim School and will be enrolling my other son when he is old enough

Joanna Ratcliffe
5 Stars

My Daughter has improved so quickly since starting at SSS. I am so impressed with the number of staff that are involved both in and out of the water. This high ratio has meant her technique is being corrected at every stage. We spent over a year at other lessons but with one instructor on the poolside to 10 children we saw very little improvement. I cannot recommend it enough, We have already got my 3 year old down on the waiting list and can't wait for her to start when she turns 4. Keep up the great work !!

Lucie Mason
5 Stars

I cannot put in words how grateful we are to Silverdale Swim School for giving our 9 year old son the confidence and ability in the water that he has gained in the last 3 and a half months. My husband and I decided to improve our son's swimming after we realised that his school would not be giving him any more than 6 swimming lessons in the curriculum and we have not looked back since. Many thanks to all at Silverdale.

Robert and Melanie Burgess
5 Stars

My son has made significant progress at SSS. He has been at Silverdale for 3years and the reason we have stayed with SSS is the flexibility and willingness to support my son through his swimming - he is now a strong and confident swimmer. The grading and assessment helps my son stay motivated.
Also as working parents the flexibility of working around days and time has been brilliant!

5 stars all the way for Trevor and Sue.

Mrs Bukky Akindele
5 Stars

Since moving my son to Silverdale he has come on leaps and bounds. The teachers and assistants provide excellent support to all the children, they adapt their teaching style to the individual child's needs and will also give 1to1 attention when required. My son now wants to go swimming, enjoys learning, smiles and looks forward to the next lesson, what more could you ask for! I couldn't recommended this school enough!

Andrea Bromley
5 Stars

My daughter has been swimming with Silverdale Swim School for around a year now. I have been so impressed with this swim school. I removed her from her previous swimming lessons to join here as I was not happy with the improvement that she was making.
Silverdale Swim are completely different. She has improved leaps and bounds and my daughter loves coming here. I recommend Silverdale Swim to all my friends.

Penny Braker
5 Stars

 My son has been swimming with Silverdale for the last 7 years. They have not only taught him to be a great swimmer but he has also learnt self-discipline and life skills which he would otherwise not have developed so easily. Above all though, he has enjoyed himself immensely and been guided into a love of swimming which we are hopeful he will keep for the rest of his life.

Penny Heynes
5 Stars

My daughter (8) and son (5) both attend lessons which they love. They have both made fantastic progress in such a short space of time. Lessons are well planned and managed by professionals. Communication has been first rate. Both my wife and I would highly recommend the school to others. Thank you.

Marc Speed
5 Stars

A truly exceptional school, the teachers have the skills and ability to make the children learn and also make it fun to learn. My son started as a non swimmer and has now graduated to a higher level within just a small period of time. I am very proud of him and the school.

Brian Brain
5 Stars
My daughter has been swimming with Silverdale swim school for nearly 2 years now. She started as a non swimming and has progressed well. She has a hip disability, however this has not stopped her and all her teachers have been very supportive and adaptable with her. I would highly recommend to all.
Zoe Boyd
5 Stars

Excellent attention to details and communication. Very well organised and versatile with methods and games! My children are happy to go swimming now and enjoy their classes very much! Thanks Sue and Trevor!

Svetlana Bentley
5 Stars

I have been so impressed with Silverdale. The progress our foster child has made since he joined in February has been phenomenal! He has gone from being a complete non-swimmer to swimming strongly and with great style. It has really helped to boost his self esteem and this has spilled into other areas of his life. When his school started swimming lessons in May he was put into the top group - the first time he has ever been in top group at school for anything! He was so proud. Pauline is fantastic - patient but firm - and the youngsters who help out in the pool are lovely. Finally, everyone at Silverdale has been very understanding of the practical issues involved with children in care - unlike some other after school groups I have encountered. I have already recommended Silverdale to a number of people and will continue to do so. 

Learning to swim was a turning point for him. His confidence has grown in all areas of his life as a result of his new skill and it is an absolute credit to your team that they have been able to engage and motivate him in such a way.  A lot of people view 'looked-after children' as a 'problem' and then the children live up to their expected reputation and become disruptive. This couldn't be further from the truth with Silverdale - he is treated firmly but fairly and it is wonderful, from my point of view, to be able to watch him really listen and put into practice the techniques he is being patiently shown.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Mrs Carol Morley
5 Stars

I feel I must share my experience of Silverdale Swim School with everybody! I am a very anxious Mum who has never taken my 4yr old Swimming before. To begin with I found my initial telephone inquiries were dealt with efficiently and I was put at ease straight away that Trevor, Sue and the team would provide a great service, they were very accommodating with sessions to suit my family and completely understood my anxiety and assured me that my son would be able to progress at his own pace. We arrived to the first lesson and my son received a warm and friendly welcome from the staff, who quickly provided the enthusiasm and encouragement he needed to join in. Within minutes he had entered the water and with the support of the staff he was off! Watching from the sidelines I could see the encouragement being given, the session was fun and made age appropriate to keep the children motivated and Safe. It was wonderful to see such a high staff /child ratio. Fully qualified staff in the water at all times with the children, so much so that in my son's group they were working on a 1-1 basis, I believe this makes a huge difference to the children. There is also additional staff and lifeguards on duty throughout the sessions, which is very reassuring. My son had such a positive experience and can't wait to continue with his lessons at Silverdale !  In his words….. I like the teachers and it was super cool !  High Praise indeed ! 

Mrs Harris
5 Stars

My daughter started swimming lessons by coincidence/accident, or a stroke of luck (depending on which way you look at it!) We had decided to go swimming one day and were dismayed to find the pool closed for swimming lessons so, trying my luck, and bumping into Trevor outside the pool I asked if my daughter could join - he was welcoming, helpful and very accommodating - finding a slot for my daughter on the spot and even lending us a swimming cap! She absolutely loved her first lesson and has continued to remain enthused! I'm very impressed by the quality of the tuition - both from the teachers on the side of the pool and the professional, supportive staff in the water. Savannah, my daughters first tutor, was very positive about my daughters progress, engaging her in the lesson and updating me as my daughter progressed. I am also very impressed with the way the children are encouraged to progress - this week my daughter was asked to stay behind to try the next group up as she was ready to move up a group - I think the efficiency with which this was noticed and implemented is commendable. The atmosphere is not pushy, it's fun but also the kids are genuinely learning and progressing. I'm very happy we tried out swimming lessons that day and would recommend this school highly.

Alicen Rhodes
5 Stars

When I contacted Silverdale Swim School I received a friendly and helpful response from Trevor and Sue. My two sons were very quickly given an initial swim assessment to place them in the correct group. From there they have progressed well with swim coach Pauline. I have seen both of my boys aged 7 and 8 improve their swimming week on week with both moving up to the next level very quickly. Both my boys look forward to every lesson, they can't get enough of it!                                                                          Mark Ling - Chief Inspector - Hastings District Commander, Sussex Police

Chief Inspector Mark Ling
5 Stars

THE VERY BEST SWIM SCHOOL IN ROTHER - In my view Silverdale is by far the very best swim school in Rother. Having regrettably wasted time, money and patience at other local swimming schools/clubs, my children and I were recommended to contact Silverdale. What a difference! This fantastic swim school provides the very best swimming teaching and coaching for all ages and abilities. Their amazingly high ratio of teachers and support staff to pupils is in a different league to anything else we have experienced or could wish for. My children just love it. They are going from strength to strength, earning certificates & badges. But most of all they are having fun and being treated fairly and with respect; as are all the other children. They are part of a great club with a wonderful atmosphere. Other parents that I talk to come to SSS from miles away. I'm not in the least surprised Silverdale is as big and popular as it is. Well done Sue, Trevor and all the teaching staff.

Jacqueline Sims
5 Stars

I had my eldest son enroled in another Bexhill swim school and after nearly a year of sessions he was still wary of water and therefore could still not swim unaided. I was beginning to think that I should give up when someone suggested Silverdale Swim Schools. I contacted Trevor and Sue and immediately they had found a time and class suitable for him. Within a few short months and several swimming awards later he can now swim unaided; and better than that, he loves going swimming. Joe says that swimming is fun and friendly and having instructors in the pool has helped with his confidence. I am so grateful to SSS for taking the weekly worry for both my son and myself out of the swim sessions and look forward to my daughter starting her lesson under their structured and professional guidance.

Mrs Kate West
5 Stars

My two sons and daughter moved to Silverdale after 2 years at another swim school. They were immediately assessed, and put into groups that reflected their ability. So I have experience of the beginner groups and intermediate. I am very impressed by the instruction that is given at Silverdale - 1. Tailored to ability. 2. interesting and imaginative methods and utensils used within the lesson. 3. The 2:1 ratio of student to teacher.  4. Constant monitoring of achievement. I am extremely pleased I made the move to Silverdale. My daughter (intially a real water baby) seemed to be losing confidence in her previous lessons, and now after 3 weeks at Silverdale is putting her head completely underneath the water, brimming with confidence and enjoying her lessons. 

Lucy Simpson
5 Stars

Aside from the fact that my daughter is finally learning to swim now we are with Silverdale Swim School - which was the objective when signing up obviously! - I've been impressed by how helpful they've been, and how accommodating. They went out of their way to fit my son into a younger children's class so that he could swim at the same time as his sister. With so many children coming and going, they still take the time to call the children by their name and chat to them. The instruction is terrific and my daughter is responding very well to it - we'll see how my son does next week. He can't wait to get in there! I highly recommend this swim school to anyone looking for something that feels less like a "swim factory" and more personalized and fun!

Franki Butler
5 Stars

My daughter has been swimming with your school since July and I want to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with her progress. Your teachers are so kind and knowlegable. They are not only experts in teaching swimming but also in relating to children. Rosie has gained in confidence and ability so quickly, and enjoys every minute she is in the pool. Your young teachers in the water with the children are probably the ones who impress me the most. Patient, friendly and dedicated. It is obvious that they really know what they are doing and how to remain positive to help the children gain confidence in the water. I will definitely be enrolling my younger daughter when she turns 4 and recommending you to friends.

Cathy Prior
5 Stars

My girls aged 7 and 11 have been with Silverdale for 3 terms now. My 11 year old has never liked water and I've never been able to get her in the water. Sue and Trevor knew this and working with the instructor Savannah have boosted her confidence and she is coming on leaps and bounds and always looks forward to her lessons. My 7 year old seems to have turned into a little 'mermaid' ! She has progressed so fast and was more delighted when Trevor himself made a point of telling her how well she had done and that she would be going up a group, this seemed a really big deal for her hearing it from him.

Mrs Mel Dowling
5 Stars

My daughter attended other swimming classes but Silverdale is in a class of its own. From being tested initially by Trevor and Sue she was placed in a class that is constantly challenging,  pushing her to learn and achieve. My daughter has come on so quickly and the class is a pleasure to watch. Trevor and Sue are working the whole time, watching and making notes. When they spot a child needs a little help they are given one to one training to really get their technique and confidence flowing. My daughter really has aspirations to become a swimmer in the space of the few weeks she has attended and we are both delighted.

Anita Pain
5 Stars

I am very impressed with SSS! My daughter has gained great confidence in the water and has progressed very quickly with such excellent teaching. The staff to student ratio is fantastic so that although she is in a group teaching situation she actually gets individual tuition. Trevor and Sue are also closely watching what is going on all the time and monitoring everyones' progress -students and teachers! The teachers are professional and friendly and fun. My daughter looks forward to her lesson each week which speaks for itself. Thank you to SSS for teaching her such an important life skill.

Mrs Liz Koester
5 Stars

We were very impressed at this well run school with exceptional professionalism. The ratio of helpers in the swimming pool to swimmers gave us confidence that our child was well cared for. The teachers are vigilant to spot individual weaknesses and helped to rectify them. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Such a shame that we didn't know about Silverdale Swim School 10 years ago for our eldest child to learn to swim but at least our younger children can have the benefits now. We highly recommend Silverdale Swim School to teach your child /children to swim.

Clive Collict
5 Stars

This is a fantastic swimming school. My daughter joined at 4 years old. She never liked going into the water but since attending her lessons with Silverdale she has gained so much confidence she is now no longer frightened of water. She has been attending for a year and has now moved up into the next class. The school is very structured on how to teach the students and ensure they are ready to move into the next group. My daughter and I are extremely happy with the school and would recommend to anyone looking for lessons for their children.

Mel Gray
5 Stars

I transferred my 2 children to SILVERDALE from another swimming lesson company and I've never looked back. They are outstanding in every aspect, from the excellent pupil/staff ratio to the skill and expertise of the instructors. My children love it here and have been going from strength to strength since they started. I would highly recommend SILVERDALE to anyone wanting a fantastic swimming school.

Sue Mutton
5 Stars

My daughter loves swimming and we looked for ages trying to find a local swimming school that she enjoyed. At Silverdale the coaches are very friendly and make the kids feel very relaxed. My daughter enjoys every lesson and is always pleased with the progress she's made, especially now shes just graduated onto the next level. The value for money is so good compared to other out of school clubs. I would definately recommend Silverdale to everyone!

Nicola Morris
5 Stars

Reece has made such good progress and loves to go each week to his lesson. Considering he used to be nervous in the water the difference in him now is unreal, he has made such good progress and his confidence in the water has just got better and better. The staff are very friendly, organised, professional, good individual attention, and just provide a brilliant overall service. I am very happy and would definately recmommend to others :)

Michelle Harrod
5 Stars

Silverdale is the best of the best! My 7 year old has been with them for a while now. Her confidence in the water has increased 200% and her swimming lesson has become something she so looks forward to every week. It is personalized, professional and their methods are proving very effective. I can't wait for my little one to start. Swimming is a very important skill and I feel Camilla is in the better hands right now.

Ruth Salazar
5 Stars

I moved my daughter to Silverdale because I was not happy with her previous swim instruction. In four months she has made more progress than she did in the previous two years. There is a good ratio of staff to children, the lessons are fun as well as instructive, the environment is warm and welcoming. I would, without reservation, recommend Silverdale to anyone who asks.

P Barnes-Kilgour
5 Stars

The instructors at Silverdale are excellent. They provide personalised swimming lessons and are always assessing children for development and progression. They support children both in the pool and from the side - putting parents at ease because someone is always in the pool to help and encourage them. I would highly recommend this swimming school.

Michelle McCure
5 Stars
Outstanding teaching, outstanding learning. I have seen my son's ability and confidence in swimming go from strength to strength week on week. It is clear that every child matters with appropriate support in place for a range of needs within a class, allowing each child to succeed at their own pace.
Liz Mason
5 Stars

We were so surprised and pleased to find the 2.1 ratio for our grandchildren in this friendly, highly organised and safe environment, all three children are gaining in confidence and ability, after only four lessons the eldest has been moved up a class. 

Mrs Carol Kobylka
5 Stars
A well organised and smoothly efficient swim school. My child has been happy and progressed well. The ratio of assistants/teachers to learners in the pool is outstanding.
Jane Bartlett
5 Stars